Risk Analysis and Support Services for Your
Business Success

We conduct in-depth analysis of risk management reports, identifying potential vulnerabilities and areas for improvement. Our insights enable you to make informed decisions and implement risk mitigation strategies effectively.

We assist in the preparation risk management regulatory reporting obligations as well as Risk Management report, capital adequacy reports or other similar reports in offshores jurisdictions. These reports provide valuable insights into your trading operations, helping you assess risks and optimize your strategies.

At Nandto, we are committed to helping you effectively manage risks and optimize your trading operations. Contact us today to discuss how our analysis and support services can benefit your business.

Nandto offers support to Investment Firms seeking to meet their ICAAP and Capital Adequacy requirements based on local regulations in their jurisdiction of operation.

Investment Firms must have procedures and controls in place to efficiently monitor their present and future capital adequacy.   Additionally, the Internal Capital Adequacy Process (ICAAP) serves the interest of all stakeholders of the investment firm.

Through the ICAAP preparation investment firms on annual basis are able to monitor and implement their risk management policy detecting any possible risks and applying mitigating actions and policies.

Support can be provided to Investment firms for:

  • The preparation of the Capital Adequacy report
  • Review of the company’s risk register, process and mitigating factors in place
  • Advice and support in related regulatory requirements

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